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A translation tool is an online site to manage all the translations for your website and more!

Easy to use, quick to setup

All what you may need. Translations Cloud really wants its customers to be satisfied and we do your best to meet your needs. If you think something can be useful, and it"s missing, start a suggestion... we are always on the spot to listen our clients !

Multi-lingual websites

There are 7+ billion humans on planet earth, and most of them are waiting to see your website, forum or blog in their own languages. Translations Cloud provides you all the tools to realize a fully international website.

API secure connection

Our main aim is providing your translations easily and efficiently for your websites and applications with a single base code, from phones to tablets to desktops, in a simple and fast way, just with our own open API.

Create your own translation tool, right now

All we need is an email address and a password for your client account, all the rest, is up to you...

Designed for everyone, everywhere.

Translations Cloud makes translations and web development faster and easier and helps you to Boost your activity. No technical knowledge is required to manage projects of all sizes.


All your languages

There are 6+ thousands languages in the world, and you can manage all the languages you need from your Translations Cloud panel. And if can"t find a language you need, contact our support forum: we will add that for you.


Organize your translations

You can organize your translations in unlimited projects and unlimited pages: everything is up to you! You just have to create a project, create its pages and finally your own translations, and you can immediatly start.


Multi-agent translations

With your own translation tool, you will be able to set up unlimited translators account for your brand, just choose between normal translator and administator. With your translation team, you can able to create your multi-lingual website in a minute.


Ready for Business or Individual

Translations Cloud is the perfect solution if you own a personal blog or forum, and even if you have a professional website. Everyone can sign-up, from newbies to expert members. Our client area is so simple, even your children could use it, discover it.


Provided with Love

All the team of Translations Cloud does its best to provide you high-quality services. Do you feel as if something is missing? Contact our team and propose your own suggestions: we do our best to listen to our customers to satisfy all the possible requests.


Fully Responsive Layout

All the services of our website are provided with a Responsive layout. This means that you will be able to login your account from all your mobile devices and be connected 24/7/365 for a complete control on your translation tool.

Responsive design for mobile devices

A dedicated version for your mobile devices and tablets

Do you know that Translations Cloud is fully available on all your mobile devices?
If you own a tablet or a smartphone, iOS or Android, it doesn"t matter:
You can access our services from wherever you want, to always be on the spot.

  • Translations from mobile
  • Unlimited languages
  • Unlimited translators
  • Unlimited projects & pages
  • User-friendly interface
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Screenshots & preview

Because sometimes a picture is better than thousand words

Quick and easy outlook of languages

Easy preview of translations

Check the status of your languages and your translations from your client home page.

Translations of all kind

All you need for translations

You have amazing dedicated features to manage your translations, from strings to arrays for a perfect multilingual website.

Suggestions and dedicated support forum

Dedicated support forum

Our technical team is available to hear your suggestions or feedbacks and to reply to all your questions.

Why Translations Cloud is right for you?

Who seeks after it and wants to have it


Our Dashboard is amazing !
You can manage all the features, options and settings of your free translation tool from one place. Discover thousands options, all for free in your translator.


Our entire website has been developed for your own safety and security. Google itself has announced the importance of having a SSL certificate and as you can see, Translations Cloud is under https.


All your translations are saved in our cloud, so there are no worries to lose them. Furthermore, our internet service provider protect your datas with daily and regular backups.


In order to provide the best service on the web we collect datas with Google Analytics. And did you know that you can do that too for your members? Enable statistics for your translation tool from your dashboard right now !

Open API service

Our dedicated API service will allow webmasters of all kind to easily have access to their own translation tools from their own websites. Read our full documentation to get started with Translations Cloud


Someone may tell you to use the free Google translate into your multi-lingual website. It’s a quick solution, but you are completely subject to how Google chooses to translate your text. If you want a full control, maybe we are the solution for you.


We have an entire team to provide you support and help 24/7/365. Are you stuck on a problem? Do you have any question? A suggestion maybe? It doesn't matter, we are always here for you.


Translations Cloud couldn't be easier. If you are a newbie or an advanced member, there will be no secrets for you. Furthermore, a huge Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is available for you on our support forum.

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Translations Cloud is a powerful solution. It's hosted, developed, and maintained by an equipe of volunteers.

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Easy to use, Translations Cloud helps webmasters to browse, register and manage all your translations and languages for your own multilingual website. Stay up to date, because features never end with us.
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