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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Alias ?

An Alias is a special "box" you create when you submit a new translation. An alias contains your translations for all the different languages and allows you to easily access them with a simple identifier: the name of the alias.

What is a Project ?

A Project is a special structure for your translations. Thanks to projects you are free to organize your translations in different folders. For example, you can create a project for your website, one for your forum and one for your mobile app.

What is a Page ?

A Page is a sub-structure of projects. Pages allow you to create an internal structure for each of your projects. For example, In your mobile project you can create a page for your home page, one for the login page, etc..


The Exportation process is the action performed by an administrator of a translation tool that pushes a translation online. If a new translation is available for a language, it wil not be available until someone "pushes" it online. If a modification is made on an alias, an exportation is required to see the new translation as well.


A Dashboard is the administrative panel of your translation tool. Administrators can access these special pages in order to configure their own translators and have an outlook on what is going on under their brand-account.

What is a string translation ?

A string translation is the simplest and most common type of translations. A string alias can contain all the content you need.

What is an array translation ?

An Array translation is a special structure for your translations that are related to the same object. An array is the ideal when you need to create translations that are related to something in common. For example, you can create one array with the months-name instead of 12 string translations.

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