Translations Cloud features

Translations Cloud allows you to create a translation tool entirely for free. What are the features of our free translators?
Find out the most famous features of our service.

Thousand features all for free in your plan

Projects and languages at your fingertips

Enjoy the possibility to manage your translations in different projects and pages.

  • Projects are the perfect solution to categorize your translations
  • Pages are perfect to have a target on what the translation is useful for.

  • With our dashboard, you will be able to know at any time the status of the projects you are allowed to manage for each languages you have been assigned to.

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    Organize your translations

Projects, pages and languages in your hand
Different translations for different ideas

Manage string and arrays translations

One of our main strengths is the possibility to set up your own translations in different forms: string and arrays.

  • Arrays are the best solution if you want to implement some translations that are related to the same object, you can have access to them with the same alias with just a little modification, the array key!

  • On the other hand, Strings are the perfect solution for all your translations, easy and fast to use for all the situations !

Strings & Alias

Lots of features for you

Translations Cloud offers free translation tools easy to create, customizable and unlimited.
Explore the features and options available of our hosted translators.

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Fast exportation

Our translation kit comes packed with unlimited exportations so that you can send your alias online trough a click within 5 seconds.

Website crawler

Easily keep an eye on how your translations are used thanks to a detailed report on the alias used on your website, including positions, validation, etc...

Statistic integrated

All resources are nicely structured so that you can track the usage of your translation tool with a click. Dashboard for your translations

Extensive Documentation

The API documentation will guide you through each step of our project with its source code examples and explanations.

Integrated notification system

Are you afraid losing something on your translation tool ?

No worries, with our integrated notification system, you will never lose anything thanks to our Toolbar and Email notifications

  • Scheduled events

  • Manual email notifications

  • Never lose a private message

  • Fast support with tickets notifications

Real time notifications from our services
Automatic backups of your translations

Automatic backups

Translations Cloud makes regular backups of all our translation tools.

There's nothing to administer or remember; we do everything automatically for you! Backups are stored securely and remotely for complete protection.
For more security, it is possible to restore a translator at an earlier date up to 4 months! Restore process is available to the owner of the translation tool from our ticketing help desk or from our support forum.

  • We don't just back up your website; we archive it. Need to restore your website from two months ago? We've archived it all!

All you need for a multilingual website.
It'll blow your mind.

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Private messages from your team and colleagues

Internal private messaging

The Private messages module allows users to send messages to each other without having to use their e-mail addresses. An inbox link will appear in the navigation menu to communicate directly with each other.

Optionally, users can select whether to receive e-mail notices of new messages by editing their user profiles.
And did you know that you will receive only PMs from your team? No undesidered emails, no spam, no phishing !

Facebook & Google Connect

Thanks to Facebook connect and Twitter oAuth option, you and your team have the possibility to quickly login your translation tool, with no username/password requirements!

You decide who can access your translation tool and they can link their Facebook and Google+ profiles to their Translations Cloud translation tool. Login couldn't be faster !

Login your free translation tool with facebook connect

More features


Integrated HelpDesk

Our team will never leave you alone !
At any time you can submit a ticket to our office to share your ideas, suggestions, ... to report a technical problem or to ask informations about something and more.
Tickets are visible only to you and your team, anyone else will be able to read them.


Secure API connection

The REST APIs provide programmatic access to read your data. Access your translations by alias, language or content. The REST API identifies our applications and users using OAuth; responses are available in JSON and soon in XML.


Public or private projects

According to your project, you can can choose which ones are available to your translation team and which ones must be kept in secret from everyone. Thus, neither guests, nor translators will be able to access to the content: an administrative account is mandatory for secret projects !

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