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Did you know that our services are available in different languages, all for free?
As a self-respecting translation website, our services has been translated in different languages to reach our customers in the easiest way: with their own language !

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In this section you can find all the languages that you can manage directly from your translation tool. If you can't find your language, or the one that you need to manage, feel free to ask in our Support forum
Afar Afar
Afrikaans Afrikaans
Albanian Albanian
Amharic Amharic
Arabic Arabic
Azerbaijani Azerbaijani
Belarusian Belarusian
Bengali Bengali
Berber Berber
Bulgarian Bulgarian
Burmese Burmese
Catalan Catalan
Chinese Chinese
Croatian Croatian
Czech Czech
Danish Danish
Dutch Dutch
English English
Estonian Estonian
Faroese Faroese
Filipino Filipino
Finnish Finnish
French French
Georgian Georgian
German German
Greek Greek
Hausa Hausa
Hebrew Hebrew
Hindi Hindi
Hungarian Hungarian
Indonesian Indonesian
Italian Italian
Javanese Javanese
Kannada Kannada
Korean Korean
Latvian Latvian
Lithuanian Lithuanian
Macedonian Macedonian
Malay Malay
Marathi Marathi
Norwegian Norwegian
Persian Persian
Polish Polish
Portoguese Portoguese
Romanian Romanian
Russian Russian
Serbian Serbian
Slovak Slovak
Slovenian Slovenian
Spanish Spanish
Swedish Swedish
Tamil Tamil
Telugu Telugu
Thai Thai
Turkish Turkish
Ukrainian Ukrainian
Urdu Urdu
Vietnamese Vietnamese

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